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English, Mathematics and Science




At Scawby Academy we believe high quality science lessons inspire our children to learn more about the world around them - through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We attain to develop the natural curiosity of our children, whilst encouraging them to respect living organisms and their physical environment.

We encourage our children to relate science, and scientific enquiry to their daily lives, through a practical, skills and knowledge based curriculum. 

Our children are encouraged to develop and use a wide range of skills, including observations, planning and investigations. Specialist vocabulary is also  taught alongside this, and is developed sequentially as the children move through our academy. Concepts are revisited in a way in which the children can develop their knowledge and understanding, whilst also learning new things.

We also understand that science can be a vehicle for great change, and can be used to advance both human and natural society, but that it also has the ability to endanger it. We therefore equip our children to understand how their lives and those of others around them can be a force for positive change.

Core aims for our Science Curriculum

* To promote investigation and enquiry- asking why and how

* To allow pupils to gain knowledge about scientific concepts

* To make links between different concepts and phenomena 

* To develop a thirst to dig deeper and find out more

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